Dear Valued customers,Good day!


We are pleased to inform we have launched new line-up for “HDR” series.

New Model HDR had developed as DB structure of LM Guide Model HSR.

By DB structure, easy use of ball guide and high Mc moment rigidity can be realized.



Equal load rating in 4 directions

Equal load rating in 4 directions as balls are contacting  at 45 °angle, 

so suitable for any kind of applications as versatility guide.

Global standard dimension

Same dimension with model HSR (full ball type) which is global standard

as THK developed at first in the world.

High Mc moment rigidity

High Mc moment rigidity is realized by DB structure. 

Suitable for single axis use such as Mc moment is applied.


Free combination of rail and block.


Should you have further information/clarifications, please feel free to contact us.






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12/01/2019 - STAF

傳動元件需求旺 精浚科技去年成長率冠群雄





依產業與經濟調研機構IHS Markit預測,2018年全球傳動元件市場以10.2%年成長率,達到美金87億元規模,2019年雖成長趨緩,全球市場規模仍將穩健成長至美金91億元。

傳動元件產業蓬勃發展,在國際市場佔有一席之地的台灣品牌與製造商,去年營收巨幅成長,年成長率達25~50%,其中,精浚科技(OME Technology)成長率獨冠群雄,連年刷新漲幅紀錄。值得一提的是,該公司不僅服務廣袤的大中華市場,更以服務海外市場著稱,其線性滑軌、滾珠螺桿等傳動元件以STAF自有品牌成功行銷歐、美、日等工業強國,並獲得著名工業品牌商青睞,外銷佔比多年蟬聯台灣業界第一,貢獻大半營收,顯示其高度的技術、品質與服務實力。


精浚科技以STAF自有品牌成功行銷線性滑軌、滾珠螺桿及奈米級定位精度壓電平台,享譽業界。 精浚/提供

精浚洞察市場需求,鎖定「高端、利基、長尾市場」,將傳動元件服務範疇區分為三大類別:(1)長尾市場之機械手臂、塑膠射出成形、紡織機械等產業設備;(2)客製化利基市場,如:木工、食品飲料自動化設備等;(3)運用先端技術之高端市場,舉凡:汽車、工具機、半導體、3D列印。依不同類別提供專屬服務,例如:採用JDM(Join Design Manufacture)模式為高端客群提供共同開發服務、為利基市場客群提供解決方案服務。

精浚也長期關注破壞式創新(Disruptive innovation),重視未被滿足的市場需求,如:光電、半導體、生技醫療等自動化設備與儀器。第二成長動能「微奈米自動化系統事業」應運而生,採用微米級定位移動技術提供「移液系統」予生技醫療設備廠,運用高端奈米級定位移動技術與壓電控制技術,提供奈米級定位精度壓電平台予電子顯微鏡大廠,為大中華首家,也是唯一可同時提供微米、奈米級運動控制系統的解決方案。

Dear Valued customers, Good day!

We would like to make an announcement that “HSR (GK) –Redesigned” as per attached.
Please click here for HSR (GK) - Redesigned PDF.

1. Applicable model
≪≪HSR GK Series≫≫
・A and B type is intergraded as “C type”
・New line-ups are added.
・Internal structures such as end plate has been changed. (Block dimensions have not been changed)

Dear Value Customer,

Are you prepared to be surprised by a new product?
We are please to announce that we have launched a new product, Staf. It was new linear guide and ball screw.
If you are interested and respond by calling us, or we will arrange our sales engineer for further explanation of this product.
For the feature and specification, kindly review the enclosed brochure or E-catalog by clicking below link.