01/09/2016 - THK Update

Replacement data Model NRS/NR To Model NRS-X/NR-X

1. Preface
Model NRS-X/NR-X is full ball type of caged LM Guide, model SVS/SVR and new model of Model NRS/NR

Model NRS/NR, super heavy load type had developed in 1994 for machine tools. After that for super heavy caged ball model SNS/SNR had developed for machine tools application, then model SVS/SVR had been developed under hash environment to improve the performance of protection. Full ball type, Model NRS-X/NR-X is a new product inheriting from the high performance of protection of model SVS/SVR.

2. Outline

2.1 High protection performance
Foreign matters/coolant are spattered to LM Guide assembled into the device/machine. Model NRS-X/NR-X provides wide options and high protection performance.


2.2 Model number coding of NRS-X/NR-X

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