19/04/2019 - DST ROBOT





Since the foundation in 1999, DST Robot always strives to provide customers with the best solution under the vision ”Providing a convenient robot service to lead the age of robot convergence”.

Since the foundation, DST Robot provides a small size of handling and transfer robots that are suitable for an industrial field based on the accumulated robot development and application as well as developing an excellent robotic system business through intensive R&D and human investment. 

DST Robot always Committed to be“a global leader specializing in robots.” They are one of leading Korean manufacturers specializing in both manufacturing robots and service robots.


Through a combination of the South Korean and Chinese markets, DST Robot will develop to be a leading company into the robot fusion era and competitive brands in the global market that the Korean and Chinese markets lead. 





Besides this, DST Robot secures the best technologies and achieves customer satisfaction through its entrepreneurship and innovation.

We, at DST Robot, will regard customer trust as the best value and continue to achieve higher customer satisfaction through constant innovation for industrial competitiveness.


DST Robot whose slogan is to be a comprehensive enterprise of robots 
industrial robots and service robots


Through intensive R&D and human investment, we are developing excellent robotic application systems.

And in the in service field of robots , we are pushing forward the edutainment and information service robot business, through commercialization for Smart Servo, Small Humanoid Robots, and Intelligent Pet Robots



DST Robot will consistently offer the best robot products and services to its customers.